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Dressed in cottons and silks in the soft faded colours of yesteryear, the Schriener Suite features a period bathroom.

1855 - 1920

Olive Schreiner, an internationally renowned author, feminist, anti-imperialist and pacifist of German and English descent, was born on a remote mission station in South Africa.

Her novel ‘Story of an African Farm’ was first published in England, where she moved in prominent philosophical, political and literary circles. She returned to South Africa and immersed herself in the politics of the time. She was an admirer of Mahatma Ghandi and a stern opponent of Cecil John Rhodes.

In her book ‘Women and Labour’ Schreiner fought for women’s right to work as a means to dignity and equality and it is for her feminist writings and her belief in a united multi racial South Africa that she is chiefly remembered today.

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